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Me, Myself and I – The Teaching Edition

Okay, okay, I have been pretty rubbish with keeping up with this! I’m Sorry! What can I say, I’m not on top of this whole blogging organisation thing just yet! To avoid bombarding you with a months worth of this link up, I am just going to start as I mean to go on and pretend that I didn’t miss a couple! What better one to jump back on the link up band wagon than a teaching edition. As I set to embark on my teaching journey come September, this is a (pre) insight into what my life is inevitably about to become.

This weeks questions were set by Sare, and Suzie is too a teacher so be sure to go and check out their answers to – they know their stuff!

What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

There has got to be a million potential answers to this, but do you think I can think of anything!? Although I did get asked how the clouds stay floating in the sky…. thank god for google!

What’s the best thing about teaching? 

The thing I am most looking forward to in my career is having the opportunity to be a part of a journey.  Holding a place in that journey, that taught them something in which they will take with them throughout their life. From my time within the classroom, you see the admiration and love that those children have for their teacher (totally deserved!), that alone will always trump a pay packet.

What’s the worst thing about teaching?

So, admittedly I am probably quite naive to the pains of the career that I am about to enter, however, I like to think I have also got my head screwed on to, and am not completely blindsided and looking through rose tinted glasses. I have seen the good, the bad and ugly of teaching and I think what struck me the most was the attitudes and opinions of the government and other ‘non teachers’ have towards the industry. They are uneducated opinions that are unjust and do a disservice to how hard teachers work. Do I go around judging your career choices? No!? So don’t judge mine!

What part of your personality do you use the most, to your advantage, when you’re teaching?

I hope that my resilience will not only put me in good stead for the tough times ahead on a personal career level, but showing my children that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, and even when the going gets tough they are worth it! (total loreal moment there!). I also make a fool of myself on a regular basis, I hope that this will teach my children that not everyone is perfect and every mistake is not a mistake, it is a learning opportunity.

What’s your one piece of advice for NQT’s embarking on their first year of qualified teaching?

Okay, as I am yet to even be qualified yet, I’m opening up the floor to anyone who fancies dropping a pearl of wisdom or two my way! Please, Thank you!

So there we have it, a soon to be trainee teachers perspective into the crazy vocation that is teaching! If you have classsrom experience join in, don’t forget to link it up to Sare’s blog! Next Week, Suzie takes the reigns for another edition of Me, Myself and I – watch this space!

Me, myself and I



Calm before the retail storm

I can’t wait for university, you get awesome 3 month summers – some poor deluded sixth form student

I find myself laughing at the naivety of the young, unaware students starting university in September, the thought of a three month summer is incredibly appealing I agree, but it just isn’t the reality. Now, I’m not saying that I wasn’t one to think like that 2 years ago, but I guess retail brings the ‘pessimistic polly’ out of you.

Essentially, I’m just a bitter retail employee, awaiting the beauty of sale fortnight that starts tomorrow…. I  work in a school uniform shop 6 days a week, 8 hours a day (Great 3 month summer guys!), which as you can imagine, is the epitome of ‘complete chaos!’ Just an FYI, many a  rant and a story will appear on here in the next few weeks!

Retail Meme

Okayyyy, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it gets my point across rather nicely. My job would be a dream… if it wasn’t for the customers…

This is my second summer in said job, and I am still amazed at what gets thrown at me ad-midst the whirlwind of school uniform buying.  Below are just a few of my favourite!

  • (Parent enters the day before the children go back to school) “I want a full uniform for [insert school]” in my most polite voice “I’m sorry, but we haven’t got a few of those items in stock”, “BUT WHY!? this is appalling, you’re a school uniform shop and you can’t supply me with uniform, this is a joke!”, “By all means I can order them for you, but it won’t be in in time for school, we have been selling them all summer”.  Essentially, what I want to say is, you come in the day before school what do you bloody expect!?
  • “We don’t stock many of that size, but by all means I can order it for you” “ARE YOU CALLING MY CHILD FAT!?” “No, I am simply saying we don’t have any of that size in stock”
  • “I’m sorry, we don’t stock that uniform, you have to order it from the school” “I’m going through a divorce at the moment, and your just adding pressure to my life that I just don’t need right now” …. Who knew that I contribute to marital arguments, it’s only a summer job after all!
  • “The price of this blazer is astronomical”,  ” I’m sorry, we don’t set the prices, we just sell it”, “You just like to bleed us dry! and enjoy exploiting us because you can” ,”Like i said, we don’t set the prices, the school does” , “Taking us for mugs!” … Do you think that they actually understood that I DON’T SET THE PRICES
  • (Parent orders item of clothing) (Comes in the next day) “Is my order in yet, I’ve waited long enough” …. let me just go and call my personal rocket fueled owl to deliver it to you !

And the list continues, I get shouted at, sworn at and blamed for life on a daily basis… all I want to do is earn some money to pay for rent (for a house that I don’t live in for 3 months …. but that’s another story!) and to have a little bit of a life (not that I have any time!)

So as you can imagine, tomorrow is the start of sale fortnight, and I have got the above and more to look forward to! Uni might drive me to despair sometimes but anything has to better than retail rages and ques down the street!

If you don’t hear from me in the next week, I have been killed by a parent stampede or have actually been called to court for ruining somebody’s life!


Wish me luck!

A very tired retail employee!