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The art of doing nothing

Nothing Pooj

I definitely agree with pooh on this one (i mean why not!? he’s an agreeable type of guy!). The concept behind procrastination is essentially a modern phenomenon that has taken the 21st century by storm. Procrastination is my favourite (or atleast most common!) thing to do, I often find myself going out of my way to actively avoid the task at hand, however, I am even beginning to concern myself!

For those who know me personally, know that I don’t do the whole boredom thing very well, when bored I become nothing but a nuisance. Saying that, my free time just recently has been as far from productive as you can possibly get.


This Venn Diagram is the story of my life. I find myself whiling away the hours by simply doing nothing. When I say nothing, I would like to stress that I actually mean nothing. I have been meaning (and so desperately wanting to) to binge watch the new series of Orange Is the New Black since it graced Netflix with its presence over a month ago, yet still have not ‘got round to it’.

“So why don’t you!?” I hear you ask…

Admittedly when I am not working, I am sleeping, however, that does not excuse the many hours I can also count where I have simply watched the goldfish (or something to that mundane effect!)

talent doing nothing

I have come to the conclusion that is a talent like no other, I mean, how can I day at work go by so slowly, when sitting alone in silence can make the day rush by!? I promise you I am not a boring person, I just somehow manage to waste time in the least exciting and productive way possible!

Come September I will be thrown into the crazy world that is education and teaching and will have limited ‘me time’. I am therefore desperately trying to make my free time a little less dull and start ticking off that increasingly long list of things I want to do, yet never get round too! That includes getting this thing in check… a track record that is, to date, not very successful!

So bare with me, as I try to withdraw myself from watching the goldfish (which, by the way is seriously addictive!) and keep your eyes peeled for bucket lists, progress checks, and (hopefully) more regular and exciting life inserts!



Procrastination Fascination

Procrastination – The action of delaying or postponing something


If there is something that I have learnt about myself over the past 6 years, is that if there was an Olympic sport in procrastination… I would undoubtedly win… every time!

Why is it that this delaying the inevitable is so appealing and so easy to do!? I am approaching my final year undergraduate degree in psychology, and fastly approaching dissertation dooooooooom! So no, no I’m not completely unaware of how much I need to do, but my time to do things seem to have been stolen!?



Oh! So that’s where my time is disappearing to! But but… tomorrow just seems so much more appealing! I mean I don’t technically have to get it done by September right!?

Who am I kidding, I am going to be in the biggest mess ever in September if I don’t get this done!




Or…. Reasons to Procrastinate

  • I’ll do it after work tomorrow – The trouble is I never want to do it after work, whether it be tomorrow or any other day of the week!

  • I’ve thought about it… that counts right!? –  I have thought about/compiled a list of what I need to. That’s enough for today, I’ll do the rest tomorrow

  • It’ll be better if I do it when I actually want to – Great sentiment, but the fact is I NEVER want to do it

  • I’ve got 9 months of working on this dissertation, I deserve a break – Apart from I’ve been using that excuse since June!

  • It’s not actually a big task in the scheme of things – Apart from it will be if I get back uni and still haven’t done itProcrast

  • I work better under pressure- Yes, because I have no choice when it is due in the day after… *note to self* there is proof that this isn’t a good idea because when you get a migraine and still have to complete a deadline… this is the result.


  • I’ll have a better understanding of it if I give myself more thinking time – Truth is I can’t remember it as well as last week, let alone in September

  • I work 9-5, the evenings are my time – Well I’ll be working 7-Midnight in September if I don’t make the most of this time I have now!


  • I need to think of a good WordPress post, I haven’t posted in agees! – Well if that’s an excuse then I am most definitely procrastinating from procrastinating, because I’m not doing well on the work front or the blogging one! But thinking about blogging is just so much more fun!Procrastinate

  • I’ll start on the hour – Oops it’s two minutes past .. I’ll have to wait until the next hour now

This is forever my mental battle I have with myself, I am so unmotivated it is unreal! Despite perfecting the art of procrastination my life isn’t very productive at the moment… apart from working and spending lots and lots and lots of money I don’t have on my one day off a week….

See Charlotte this is why you need to do your work… without a degree, you have no job, you have no money, and you can’t procrastinate by playing game of life and kidding yourself that you are investing in your future!

So there we have, another 45 minutes worth of golden procrastination completed! And still no work done!


What are your procrastination problems? Do you struggle finding motivation? What are your tips to getting yourself back on track ?

Charl x

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A Newbie’s Welcome!


I suppose this is the part where I am supposed to pretend that I know what I’m doing…. “Blogging, Easy!”

But this is also the point where I will happily admit I am a total blogging novice, with not the foggiest of an idea of what I’m actually doing, but we can roll, blag and well …. pray that this new adventure is a success.

I’m Charlotte, I’m 20 and am about to embark on a roller coaster that is also known as final year at university! Yes you guessed it, this is a perfect procrastination excuse (in fact I have a dissertation proposal due in 3 days!).

I am also Ginger, which is always a great ice breaker… for other people! So with the introductory out of the way, I look forward to joining the blogging community and hope that I don’t disappoint you all too much!

Until next time!