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My Bucket List

I come from a town that, although stunningly beautiful, surrounded by pictureque country side and fresh spring hills, is also a town that has more retirement homes than houses and is in its own right sleepy hollow. Don’t get me wrong, it is and was a great place to mould a childhood, but does it make me a bad person to say that I want more?

Malvern Hills

Moving to university opened my eyes to what more there is out there , there is so much more out there to see, do, experience than the fields off my doorstep. When I moved away, I changed, I grew into myself, and without going all hippifed on you all… I discovered myself. I found people, and learnt things that completed my puzzle. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given in my childhood, but moving away,combined with my dad walking out on me –  made me realise that I want to live my life in the way I want and to grab every opportunity that crosses my path.

There are a lot of things that I want to experience in my life, which Is why I have created this bucket list, it will become my life long goal to complete this list before I go from this warped reality!


  1. Sky Dive – To be able to literally feel the wind beneath me, without constraints and feeling completely free.

  2. Go on Safari – This has been something I have wanted to do, and something that following every West Midlands Safari trip, was rabbited on about for days (my poor mother).

  3. Swim with dolphins – My mum’s own fear of water, drove her to ensure that myself and my sister became water babies and did not develop a fear of water similar to her own. Well she achieved just that – and swimming with dolphins combines my love for water and all things animals!

  4. Scuba diving– this is something I have recently fulfilled, and It did not disappoint! Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt was incredible. Down on the sea bed it was as if I was submerged in a whole new life full of colour and community. There were fish that I could not have imagined better.

  5. Visit Canada – A family friend lives in Canada, and some of the views that she captures so perfectly through a lense are views that I want my eyes to see first hand!

  6. Volunteer in an Orangutan Sanctuary – now now, I know what you’re thinking… why would you want to go and sit in a forest clearing and hug a monkey … well for just that reason! How amazing does that sound… removed from reality with the closest things to human species.

  7. Own a dog – I have, for as long as I can possibly remember, pleaded for a dog – never to any success! So I made it my goal in life to own one when I can. Although, I am slightly concerned that my choice of career will make that increasingly difficult!

  8. Own a Goat – Much to my bestie’s disbelief, I am desperate for a pygme goat! Imagine – a little pen with a Wendy house stable and a little goat skipping around!

  9. Visit Disney World Florida – Hopefully, within the next few years I will be able to cross this one off, Florida with my best friend and experiencing that Disney magic!

  10. Graduate –   Charlotte Davis BSc Psychology (hons). The hardest yet best thing I have ever done!

  11. Become a teacher – This has been the ultimate career goal, come September I am about to embark on this final leg of my education. I am in the  most privileged position, to be surrounded by some of the best teachers I know, making this crazy experience a ride to remember.

There are a lot of things in this world that are beyond my control, and even though I know (or atleast hope!) that there will be euphoric highs, ultimately, there will be world crashing lows. I just hope that I can live a life that I am content with, surrounded my people who I love and create the very best life for myself that I can.

What is on top of your bucket list and why ?