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My Bucket List

I come from a town that, although stunningly beautiful, surrounded by pictureque country side and fresh spring hills, is also a town that has more retirement homes than houses and is in its own right sleepy hollow. Don’t get me wrong, it is and was a great place to mould a childhood, but does it make me a bad person to say that I want more?

Malvern Hills

Moving to university opened my eyes to what more there is out there , there is so much more out there to see, do, experience than the fields off my doorstep. When I moved away, I changed, I grew into myself, and without going all hippifed on you all… I discovered myself. I found people, and learnt things that completed my puzzle. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given in my childhood, but moving away,combined with my dad walking out on me –  made me realise that I want to live my life in the way I want and to grab every opportunity that crosses my path.

There are a lot of things that I want to experience in my life, which Is why I have created this bucket list, it will become my life long goal to complete this list before I go from this warped reality!


  1. Sky Dive – To be able to literally feel the wind beneath me, without constraints and feeling completely free.

  2. Go on Safari – This has been something I have wanted to do, and something that following every West Midlands Safari trip, was rabbited on about for days (my poor mother).

  3. Swim with dolphins – My mum’s own fear of water, drove her to ensure that myself and my sister became water babies and did not develop a fear of water similar to her own. Well she achieved just that – and swimming with dolphins combines my love for water and all things animals!

  4. Scuba diving– this is something I have recently fulfilled, and It did not disappoint! Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt was incredible. Down on the sea bed it was as if I was submerged in a whole new life full of colour and community. There were fish that I could not have imagined better.

  5. Visit Canada – A family friend lives in Canada, and some of the views that she captures so perfectly through a lense are views that I want my eyes to see first hand!

  6. Volunteer in an Orangutan Sanctuary – now now, I know what you’re thinking… why would you want to go and sit in a forest clearing and hug a monkey … well for just that reason! How amazing does that sound… removed from reality with the closest things to human species.

  7. Own a dog – I have, for as long as I can possibly remember, pleaded for a dog – never to any success! So I made it my goal in life to own one when I can. Although, I am slightly concerned that my choice of career will make that increasingly difficult!

  8. Own a Goat – Much to my bestie’s disbelief, I am desperate for a pygme goat! Imagine – a little pen with a Wendy house stable and a little goat skipping around!

  9. Visit Disney World Florida – Hopefully, within the next few years I will be able to cross this one off, Florida with my best friend and experiencing that Disney magic!

  10. Graduate –   Charlotte Davis BSc Psychology (hons). The hardest yet best thing I have ever done!

  11. Become a teacher – This has been the ultimate career goal, come September I am about to embark on this final leg of my education. I am in the  most privileged position, to be surrounded by some of the best teachers I know, making this crazy experience a ride to remember.

There are a lot of things in this world that are beyond my control, and even though I know (or atleast hope!) that there will be euphoric highs, ultimately, there will be world crashing lows. I just hope that I can live a life that I am content with, surrounded my people who I love and create the very best life for myself that I can.

What is on top of your bucket list and why ? 


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Providing Futures

Today is a very happy post, today we beat the budget cuts, today it’s my responsibility and today we continue to provide futures for the most vulnerable!


What is KEEN?

KEEN is a national charity that supports children who have a wide range of learning and physical disabilities, providing respite care for both the children and their families. My particular branch of KEEN is through my university and the local MENCAP center. We have 7 children, all of who have a variety of special needs including, autism, downsyndrome, aspergers syndrome and physical and speech related ailments.

I cannot express the reward of a scheme such as KEEN , the journey that you see the children go through is phenomenal. Their progress and their love of life is so inspiring, and even when faced with adversity they take like head on and enjoy it to the max. The progress that we have seen in our children this year has been incredible, we have seen a mute little boy speak, and we have seen an extremely unhappy little boy smile. Life’s little moments, that reminds you how incredible the human race really is.

It is not the case about  being different, it is not the case of feeling different, it is not the case that something  can’t be done. It is a celebration of what we can do and a celebration of  simply being us.

Our sessions are themed and involve a lot of drama and interactive play and socialization as well as arts and craft and just having a bit of messy fun! You don’t go home from a session of KEEN clean! But we have lots and lots of fun!

Why was this nearly ruined?


At the end of term, we were hit by the ominous budget cut, but this time it was the end, this time money meant we couldn’t continue, this time, despite what we tell our children, there were limitations. I was so angry, why should money stop these children from progressing even further, why should money, something that is supposed to enhance their lives be something that hindered them. A social occasion where they were accepted for the beautiful and caring children that they are and not have to face the nasty judgement of the world and let them flourish into inspiring, unique and funny young people, was being stopped because of money.

That was yesterday …. and now  is today

What Happened Next? 

After many an hour thinking of ways to reduce costs and persuade people that it was an investment worth its weight in gold, we were given the golden ticket, our last chance saloon. We were granted funding for one more year, a year for us to prove that this was worth the money and that there was enough volunteers behind it to make it work.

Then there was me…. the person that has now taken this project on… who will make this work, who will prove the skeptical wrong, who will continue to fight on behalf of these children, who will never give up on them.

What happens for me? 

Well I work bloody hard, i’ll juggle my finals and this project, I will do justice to both myself and those beautiful children. This is what I want to do, to provide futures for those who don’t see themselves having a very bright one ahead. To encourage, to inspire and to make them believe that dreams can come true.

Every child – of any shape, size, disability and background deserves the chance to dream, deserve the chance to pursue what ever they want to do. With support and care nothing needs to be a limitation!

So there we have it, alongside the university, MENCAP we will, at least for now, continue to make a difference, continue to inspire, and continue to care. Money will never rule us without a fight.

The hard works starts now, but my god those children deserve that! They have taught me so much about life and I’m so so proud to know them –  they are some of the strongest and inspirational people I have ever had the privilege to work alongside.


Changing lives, changing perceptions and changing people