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Confessions of a Ginger is Moving

You probably haven’t thought my absence as strange, as we all know I haven’t got a good track record of posting regularly! A blogging hiatus is not an unusual occurrence.. however this time I actually have an excuse!

I am moving 

In a desperate bid to reignite any form of inspiration and motivation to blog, I have moved and become self hosted. My decision to become self hosted came from wanting more control over my blog, and by starting afresh I hope to gain some enthusiasm towards the blogging world once again!

You will now find me over at Mission Red 

I really hope that some of you will still be interested in my journey and will come with, despite my self hosted choices, I would really like to see some of you there!

Thank you for your continued support, despite my appearances being few and far between! Hopefully this new slice of the interweb will be much more frequently (I have even started scheduling – in advance!!) used and I can catch up with all you lovely people over at my new home!

My first post goes live tomorrow – hope to see you all there!


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9 Stages You Will Go Through When You Find Out Your Dad Is Cheating

Wow! Came across this today … it puts feelings into words, and words into feelings. My situation isn’t exactly the same but somehow it just makes a lot of sense!

Thought Catalog

Pink Sherbet PhotographyPink Sherbet Photography

1. You go to say goodbye to your dad one day. He’s looking at a weird website, it kind of looks like porn. You think, “Seriously? Porn in the middle of the day, in the family room, on a Sunday?” For whatever reason, the name of the website sticks with you. You Google it. You realize what it is.

2. Hate. You basically want to cut that asshole out of your life. How could he do that to your mom? The woman who bore his children? You research reasons why men cheat. You come across Ashley Madison as a source for a couple of articles. Ironically, this website is also your dad’s tool of choice for meeting up with women. You create an account and find your dad. You see his ratings and comments by past lovers. You want to barf. You keep Googling why men cheat…

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An Open Letter To My Dad

My post recently posted on the fickle heartbeat

The Fickle Heartbeat

An Open Letter To My Dad

Shared by Charl.

I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while, but it’s taken a little to time to find the courage to write about it so openly… it’s always been something I haven’t wanted to publicly face – but now I feel is the right time to express what I have wanted to do for so long but have been simply too scared too.
*In the very unlikely chance that you are reading this Dad, I hope this hits home …*

Dear Dad Biologically related human being ,

You left a year and a half ago, you left, and chose your love affair over your children. I gave you a final choice, and you still chose her. That day you turned my world upside down, shook it up, and stood on what remained for good measure…. suddenly I didn’t know anything anymore, nothing at all…

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My Kind of Soulmate

A post that I can really relate to 🙂 check it out!

The Fickle Heartbeat

A wonderful feature post by Single Strides. Please enjoy!

My Kind of Soulmate

Everyone wants to believe in their one true love. They want to believe in love’s true kiss, the chill-you-to-your-bones first look when you fall in love, and the earth-shattering moment you’ve found the person you can’t live without. You want to imagine the day when nothing else matters but the hand you’re holding, the eyes that watch you fall asleep and the smile that wakes you in the morning.

Everyone wants to believe in finding their soulmate. The person that fits you so completely, you’re not sure how you survived so long without them. The person that finishes your thought even before you have, and pushes you to reach even higher than your dreams. Everyone wants to wait for the person that fills you with so much joy that you forget what sorrow is. The person that you always…

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