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Confessions of a Ginger is Moving

You probably haven’t thought my absence as strange, as we all know I haven’t got a good track record of posting regularly! A blogging hiatus is not an unusual occurrence.. however this time I actually have an excuse!

I am moving 

In a desperate bid to reignite any form of inspiration and motivation to blog, I have moved and become self hosted. My decision to become self hosted came from wanting more control over my blog, and by starting afresh I hope to gain some enthusiasm towards the blogging world once again!

You will now find me over at Mission Red 

I really hope that some of you will still be interested in my journey and will come with, despite my self hosted choices, I would really like to see some of you there!

Thank you for your continued support, despite my appearances being few and far between! Hopefully this new slice of the interweb will be much more frequently (I have even started scheduling – in advance!!) used and I can catch up with all you lovely people over at my new home!

My first post goes live tomorrow – hope to see you all there!


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My Bucket List

I come from a town that, although stunningly beautiful, surrounded by pictureque country side and fresh spring hills, is also a town that has more retirement homes than houses and is in its own right sleepy hollow. Don’t get me wrong, it is and was a great place to mould a childhood, but does it make me a bad person to say that I want more?

Malvern Hills

Moving to university opened my eyes to what more there is out there , there is so much more out there to see, do, experience than the fields off my doorstep. When I moved away, I changed, I grew into myself, and without going all hippifed on you all… I discovered myself. I found people, and learnt things that completed my puzzle. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given in my childhood, but moving away,combined with my dad walking out on me –  made me realise that I want to live my life in the way I want and to grab every opportunity that crosses my path.

There are a lot of things that I want to experience in my life, which Is why I have created this bucket list, it will become my life long goal to complete this list before I go from this warped reality!


  1. Sky Dive – To be able to literally feel the wind beneath me, without constraints and feeling completely free.

  2. Go on Safari – This has been something I have wanted to do, and something that following every West Midlands Safari trip, was rabbited on about for days (my poor mother).

  3. Swim with dolphins – My mum’s own fear of water, drove her to ensure that myself and my sister became water babies and did not develop a fear of water similar to her own. Well she achieved just that – and swimming with dolphins combines my love for water and all things animals!

  4. Scuba diving– this is something I have recently fulfilled, and It did not disappoint! Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt was incredible. Down on the sea bed it was as if I was submerged in a whole new life full of colour and community. There were fish that I could not have imagined better.

  5. Visit Canada – A family friend lives in Canada, and some of the views that she captures so perfectly through a lense are views that I want my eyes to see first hand!

  6. Volunteer in an Orangutan Sanctuary – now now, I know what you’re thinking… why would you want to go and sit in a forest clearing and hug a monkey … well for just that reason! How amazing does that sound… removed from reality with the closest things to human species.

  7. Own a dog – I have, for as long as I can possibly remember, pleaded for a dog – never to any success! So I made it my goal in life to own one when I can. Although, I am slightly concerned that my choice of career will make that increasingly difficult!

  8. Own a Goat – Much to my bestie’s disbelief, I am desperate for a pygme goat! Imagine – a little pen with a Wendy house stable and a little goat skipping around!

  9. Visit Disney World Florida – Hopefully, within the next few years I will be able to cross this one off, Florida with my best friend and experiencing that Disney magic!

  10. Graduate –   Charlotte Davis BSc Psychology (hons). The hardest yet best thing I have ever done!

  11. Become a teacher – This has been the ultimate career goal, come September I am about to embark on this final leg of my education. I am in the  most privileged position, to be surrounded by some of the best teachers I know, making this crazy experience a ride to remember.

There are a lot of things in this world that are beyond my control, and even though I know (or atleast hope!) that there will be euphoric highs, ultimately, there will be world crashing lows. I just hope that I can live a life that I am content with, surrounded my people who I love and create the very best life for myself that I can.

What is on top of your bucket list and why ? 

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Me, Myself and I – The Teaching Edition

Okay, okay, I have been pretty rubbish with keeping up with this! I’m Sorry! What can I say, I’m not on top of this whole blogging organisation thing just yet! To avoid bombarding you with a months worth of this link up, I am just going to start as I mean to go on and pretend that I didn’t miss a couple! What better one to jump back on the link up band wagon than a teaching edition. As I set to embark on my teaching journey come September, this is a (pre) insight into what my life is inevitably about to become.

This weeks questions were set by Sare, and Suzie is too a teacher so be sure to go and check out their answers to – they know their stuff!

What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

There has got to be a million potential answers to this, but do you think I can think of anything!? Although I did get asked how the clouds stay floating in the sky…. thank god for google!

What’s the best thing about teaching? 

The thing I am most looking forward to in my career is having the opportunity to be a part of a journey.  Holding a place in that journey, that taught them something in which they will take with them throughout their life. From my time within the classroom, you see the admiration and love that those children have for their teacher (totally deserved!), that alone will always trump a pay packet.

What’s the worst thing about teaching?

So, admittedly I am probably quite naive to the pains of the career that I am about to enter, however, I like to think I have also got my head screwed on to, and am not completely blindsided and looking through rose tinted glasses. I have seen the good, the bad and ugly of teaching and I think what struck me the most was the attitudes and opinions of the government and other ‘non teachers’ have towards the industry. They are uneducated opinions that are unjust and do a disservice to how hard teachers work. Do I go around judging your career choices? No!? So don’t judge mine!

What part of your personality do you use the most, to your advantage, when you’re teaching?

I hope that my resilience will not only put me in good stead for the tough times ahead on a personal career level, but showing my children that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, and even when the going gets tough they are worth it! (total loreal moment there!). I also make a fool of myself on a regular basis, I hope that this will teach my children that not everyone is perfect and every mistake is not a mistake, it is a learning opportunity.

What’s your one piece of advice for NQT’s embarking on their first year of qualified teaching?

Okay, as I am yet to even be qualified yet, I’m opening up the floor to anyone who fancies dropping a pearl of wisdom or two my way! Please, Thank you!

So there we have it, a soon to be trainee teachers perspective into the crazy vocation that is teaching! If you have classsrom experience join in, don’t forget to link it up to Sare’s blog! Next Week, Suzie takes the reigns for another edition of Me, Myself and I – watch this space!

Me, myself and I

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The art of doing nothing

Nothing Pooj

I definitely agree with pooh on this one (i mean why not!? he’s an agreeable type of guy!). The concept behind procrastination is essentially a modern phenomenon that has taken the 21st century by storm. Procrastination is my favourite (or atleast most common!) thing to do, I often find myself going out of my way to actively avoid the task at hand, however, I am even beginning to concern myself!

For those who know me personally, know that I don’t do the whole boredom thing very well, when bored I become nothing but a nuisance. Saying that, my free time just recently has been as far from productive as you can possibly get.


This Venn Diagram is the story of my life. I find myself whiling away the hours by simply doing nothing. When I say nothing, I would like to stress that I actually mean nothing. I have been meaning (and so desperately wanting to) to binge watch the new series of Orange Is the New Black since it graced Netflix with its presence over a month ago, yet still have not ‘got round to it’.

“So why don’t you!?” I hear you ask…

Admittedly when I am not working, I am sleeping, however, that does not excuse the many hours I can also count where I have simply watched the goldfish (or something to that mundane effect!)

talent doing nothing

I have come to the conclusion that is a talent like no other, I mean, how can I day at work go by so slowly, when sitting alone in silence can make the day rush by!? I promise you I am not a boring person, I just somehow manage to waste time in the least exciting and productive way possible!

Come September I will be thrown into the crazy world that is education and teaching and will have limited ‘me time’. I am therefore desperately trying to make my free time a little less dull and start ticking off that increasingly long list of things I want to do, yet never get round too! That includes getting this thing in check… a track record that is, to date, not very successful!

So bare with me, as I try to withdraw myself from watching the goldfish (which, by the way is seriously addictive!) and keep your eyes peeled for bucket lists, progress checks, and (hopefully) more regular and exciting life inserts!

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Me, Myself and I- Week 1


All rights of this logo owned by Sare

My wonderful (and very talented blogger) best friend Sarah, over at Teachaholic has teamed up with Suzie to take the blogging world by storm! It is a link up that is based on a set of five questions that are chosen by them both on an alternate basis, so that all us bloggers can get to know lots of lovely and interesting things about each other. This week it was Suzie’s turn to host. In support of this genius little link up, here are my answers to the first set of questions!

What has been your blogging highlight so far?

This is particularly difficult to answer, mainly because I have been far from a consistent blogger, and am first to admit that I don’t find blogging easy. I just don’t have the flair that these two ladies do and many others out there. However, there was one post that I wrote that got (for me!) a lot of traffic and was the first time that I realised not only how cathartic blogging could be, but how much support was out there in the blogosphere!

What or who inspires you more than anything else?

Sarah. Pure and simple. Asides from just being an all round amazing person, she is the teacher that I aspire to be. As I embark on the beginning of my teaching career, the goal is to be (even half) the teacher that she is. She is simply born to do her job, and my god, if my children get taught by a teacher like her – I will be a very happy parent!

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with your winnings?

Asides from the really boring things that adults are supposed to do,and after I have made sure the people I love the most have had their fair share. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins and sky dive. I want to live my life through experiences, and create amazing memories.

If you could describe yourself as a plate of food, what would it be?

Hunters Chicken: despite it being my number one ‘go to’ food at a restaurant. It’s indulgent and bold flavours aren’t always the healthiest options, but do you know what, life is too short. Here’s to bold, rich and indulgent personalities!

What does a perfect day look like to you?

A day spent with the people who mean the most; where there is no time or money constraints, so that we can sit and giggle and drink cocktails without a care in the world and simply enjoy each other and the company. Add a bit of sun(that doesn’t burn albinos like myself)and sand (that doesn’t stick to you when you get wet) and that’s perfection!

So there we have it, my answers to week 1 of Me, Myself and I, hosted this week by Suzie81speaks. If you fancy joining in with this series, making sure you link up/ping back to Sare and Suzie! New questions go up every week over the summer.

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From Graduand to Graduate

As it approaches a fortnight since I graduated with an upper class degree in Psychology, it came to my attention that I didn’t ever mark the occasion with a blog post. [This partly down to the fact that I am a slave to all things school uniform for the third summer running, and when I’m not, I am sleeping.] Fear not, on a rare day off I have managed to find the time to dedicate a post to what it is like as a graduate!  I have decided to try something a little different and write a poem to sum up my experience.

*Disclaimer – I am in no way shape or form a natural poet!

Graduation Selfie


As I stand there still in line,

Gown all draped and hat just perched,

To myself I whisper,  “You’ll be just fine”

My eyes they scan, as the hall is searched.

I wish and pray that I don’t fall,

The last thing I want is to be the fool;

It’s a long way down to the end of the hall,

Just stay calm, and keep your cool!

My name it echoes all around,

The steps I then begin to climb;

This moment, really quite profound,

A precious moment that will stand still in time.

My hand he shakes, and wishes me well,

I smile and profess my thanks;

*Thank god it wasn’t me that fell!*

As we all return to the ranks.


A photo opportunity of course,

Our hats are launched in their mass;

Laughs and screams until we’re hoarse,

An opportunity I’m glad I didn’t pass.

I stand back and take it in,

Astounded at what I have achieved;

Happiness glows , as I wear such a grin.

But above all  just relieved!

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Why are people raving about red?

Earlier this week, as I was aimlessly scrolling through my newfeed, an article caught my eye – it was an announcement that 2016 would be the year to see the first Ginger Pride event in England (See here). This seemingly another attempt at equalling rights, as it came the day after gay marriage was cleared across all US states. Now don’t get me wrong, I am delighted that there is finally an emphasis on equality in all aspects of life… however the fascination with red head/ginger/auburn/strawberry (what ever you like to class your red hair as) simply baffles me… as a fellow ginger myself… I really don’t see why my hair colour gets so much attention!


What better time to write a post about being ginger than in a heatwave that has engulfed England, and is posing a problem for all red head albinos out there. Here is just a few reasons why I don’t get the hype! Because believe me, it’s not all that fun!

  1. Bullying – I might as well hit the main issue from the word go … high school is not an easy time for any teen, with hormones, emotions and friendship troubles running high it is simply a recipe for trouble! Now add being ginger into the mix and you’ve created the ultimate potion of trouble. I used to get called all sorts – my favourite being “get back in the biscuit tin where you belong” at least it was inventive and went against the grain! The conventional name calling just got boring! Also… something I’ve never understood with one popular insult is that carrot tops are green not orange… at least make your insults accurateHumour aside, my high school years were tough, as on top of the verbal bullying, bullies trying to cut my ponytail off was a weekly occurrence, so was coming home crying every night!
  2. Old Women – Definitely a more lighthearted subject, but all the same, it gets tedious. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can guarantee an old aged pensioner will approach me and tell me what beautiful colour hair I have, and proceed to touch my head. Although this is a beautiful sentiment, it also, more often than not, comes with a life story! (prepared to be late to wherever you were heading – as you are forced to take a trip down memory lane
  3. Hairdressers – The process of getting my haircut would be one hell of a lot quicker if the hairdressers didn’t try to  colour match my hair (which you can’t by the way!) so that they can see if they can make a dye for their clients wanting the ‘natural red look’. The verdict every time is that it isn’t even the conventional copper associated with ginger hair, is a mix between gold and strawberry blonde!
  4. Genetics – Have you ever seen an olive complexion on a red-head? No, no you haven’t …. We usually fall in the category of albino and have to head for the white porcelain foundation shade and the factor 50+ sun lotion …. and still burn. This makes surviving heat-waves like today without the lobster look is increasingly difficult.
  5. Crowd Spotting – Now, this can a rather useful quality for your friends, as it doesn’t matter how busy a crowd is, your friends will spot you, as if you are sending off a light signal! Prospects of becoming the next ‘Where’s Wally!?’ is a non starter!
  6. Stereotypes – Much against popular belief, I do have a soul and I don’t have a short temper! And no, I don’t come from Scotland.
  7. Crayola – Thanks to crayon companies, you will forever be portrayed as a flourescent orange blob on children’s’ drawings!
  8. The lack of eyebrows – If you want eyebrows then they are going to have to be drawn on, finding the right shade and amount is another issue… but inevitably makeup has to be your friends. Similarly with eyelashes, unless you want to wear copius amounts of mascara every day – tinting is the way forward.
  9. Freckles – The only way you are going to get anything that resembles a tan, is to play dot to dot with your freckles! and in my case, as I have grown up, my freckles on my face no longer come out, and sit below the skin, giving of a glowing shade of dirty!
  10. Pain Tolerance – People with red hair require more anaesthesia to numb pain, meaning they feel more pain in the first place! Although, this has since been my get out of jail free card for being a wimp.

So there is my list of reasons why I think being ginger is over rated. However, it isn’t all bleak and miserable! Thanks to the likes of Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran, we are becoming a fashionable breed! And a rare one at that!

I will however leave you with a musical genius, that hits the nail on the head with this topic.

* Disclaimer – Tim Minchin has a ‘unique’ approach, which some my find offensive*

If you need me, you will find me in a shady spot in a bath of after sun!

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