Confessions of a Ginger

A day in the life of a ginger


Hello Fellow Blogger!



I’m Charlotte and welcome to my blog!

I’m a twenty one year old, that has somehow found herself as a graduate of Psychology and full time adult.

I am the first to admit that I am no blogging prodigy, and I have certainly not got the flair that some of  my wonderful bloggers have, however, I hope that all the same you enjoy your time here.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, as a fellow ginger, I am required to follow you. Is that really why I am following you? What do you think I am really thinking? Hmm?

  2. I just noticed you don’t have Subscribe button or follow button on your site.
    It will help tons if you add one then myself and others will receive your blog via email to keep up with your blog posts. Hope you’ll consider it and wish you the best of luck with your blog.

  3. Hi there! You’ve got a lovely blog and I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂 Please check the link below to review and accept it 🙂 Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

  4. Good luck with your study, and happy blogging to you too. 🙂

  5. Hi Charl, Just found your blog today via Sacha Black’s Bloggers Bash. Looking forward to meeting you.

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