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When life gives you lemons…


I may have gone awol from the blogging world, but (I hope!) I am back, at least trying to be a  little bit more consistent than before!

I have a post in the pipe line about being on the other side of my degree, however, after watching surprise surprise tonight, I decided that I wanted my first comeback post to be about a person who I completely idolize and adore! I’m not sure whether you can call it an appreciation post or a gratitude post, but it is a post all the same! A post that definitely protects my life more than if I dragged her on national TV to express this!


My best friend,

A girl who has the heart and strength (and sarcasm) large enough to consume the world. Words cannot express how proud of her I am, over the last 18 months we have embarked on a roller coaster ride that has seen euphoric highs and incredible, world crashing lows. Without the need to go into details, the strength that this girl has found and used to get her through the very darkest of her days, is something that I watch on with complete pride and complete admiration.

Without doubt, watching her fall apart in front of me, and feeling utterly powerless, is the most soul destroying thing I have ever had to watch. Every day, I woke up wishing that I could take her place, to take the pain away and stop her suffering. If there is one thing that I have learnt in my 21 years of life on this warped earth, is that good people get hurt, truly good people suffer, whilst scum run free. However, when you hit rock bottom, then there really is only one direction left to go – and that’s up! And my god has this girl risen from the fire into the beautiful, funny and strong woman that had once been buried in the aftermath of hell.

She is the person that I admire the most, she is the person that I look up to most, she is the most important person in my life. I thank my lucky stars every day that our paths crossed and that I was lucky enough to get to know her. She has proven, that no matter what life throws at you, you can come out stronger and better than ever!

I think it takes someone very special to be able to come through what she has, and I can only hope, that as much as possible, I was there as much as I tried to be. It is a credit to us and a credit to how close we are that, together we remained as close as we have (and always will!). If I could be half the person, teacher, friend that she is, I will live a very content life.

She has the ability to make me cry with laughter one minute and to be content in silence the next. I could not wish for a better person to have in my life. I owe her everything!

(I can only imagine the vom faces she will be making…..right about……. now! (LOVE YA!)

And most importantly,  she has taught me the very best lesson in life: When life give you lemons: Make it into the most ass-kicking cocktail you have ever seen – with a large dose of payback, and of course, tequila!


Author: Charl

Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

2 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. Cough, cough. There were no vom faces… potentially a few tears for a second…. Then I saw your grammar mistake and wanted to doodle on you with my green pen 😉 love you too xxx

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