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According to medical statistics needle phobia is a medical condition that affects up to 20-23% of adults- to the point where they would actively avoid medical care…

Now, as a psychologist and a complete needle phobe, I am fully aware of how phobias work and what goes on in my head when presented with the prospect of needles! I am aware it is completely irrational, and neither can I tell you what I am actually scared of, nor where I developed this phobia from… all I know is that it is something that has always resulted in me bawling like a baby in the surgery …. highly embarrassing!

I am also one of those annoying patients, that just does not have time for small talk.. I do not want to discuss what I am doing at the weekend, because I know exactly what you are trying to do, and the distraction just doesn’t work.. inevitably you are going to stab that sharp thing into my arm, regardless of whether I discuss my weekend plans with you!

I discuss this hideous topic, as tomorrow I am having to have my vaccinations to travel to Egypt… now this is controversial in itself… I have always had issues with vaccinations even if it directly related to my health, and I was never going to… ever, going to a country where I would have to have an injection … I simply didn’t see the point in putting myself through hell and back for a holiday… That was my 15 year old self mind set anyway… at 21, the thought of needing a injection for a holiday is no more appealing…. but my 21 years old self wants to see the world, to experience one in a life time opportunities, and I refuse to let myself miss out over a poxy needle! (ask me again tomorrow and I may have a completely different perspective!)

So, there we have it, tomorrow I shall probably be dragged kicking and screaming into the doctors surgery, apologize profusely to all involved, and cry for 20 minutes, where, if I actually just sucked it up, would probably take a grand total of 2 minutes …. Studying phobias makes this whole process utterly frustrating!

The day I have to have a blood test, will be one huge ordeal… and well the day I turn into a pregnant human pin cushion…. I will make sure my child knows what ordeal I went through! (I say I’m joking, but I’m not too sure)

Now I would put a nice illustration in here – but if I’m honest I can’t bring myself to google the word needle! Instead here is a snippit into my thought processes tomorrow!

  • Okay I can do this – you are 21 years old – man up!
  • Charlotte, get a grip! You’re embarrassing yourself
  • I’m really sorry for what you are about to witness! Really I am
  • Shut the hell up, distraction doesn’t work
  • Oh that wasn’t that bad…
  • No actually it was.. never make me go back again!

Hope to touch down soon! I know I haven’t been very present in the blogging world! Final Year of my undergraduate consumes most of the time I have!




Author: Charl

Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

3 thoughts on “Phobias

  1. The only scarier than a needle at the doctor’s office is… not being believed at the doctor’s office when you are truly sick. Ugh. Needles usually mean that cough is being taken seriously. Well said.

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