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9 Stages You Will Go Through When You Find Out Your Dad Is Cheating

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Wow! Came across this today … it puts feelings into words, and words into feelings. My situation isn’t exactly the same but somehow it just makes a lot of sense!

Thought Catalog

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1. You go to say goodbye to your dad one day. He’s looking at a weird website, it kind of looks like porn. You think, “Seriously? Porn in the middle of the day, in the family room, on a Sunday?” For whatever reason, the name of the website sticks with you. You Google it. You realize what it is.

2. Hate. You basically want to cut that asshole out of your life. How could he do that to your mom? The woman who bore his children? You research reasons why men cheat. You come across Ashley Madison as a source for a couple of articles. Ironically, this website is also your dad’s tool of choice for meeting up with women. You create an account and find your dad. You see his ratings and comments by past lovers. You want to barf. You keep Googling why men cheat…

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