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The 3pm Hangover

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After an hours worth of deliberation, me and the bestie decided to go on a spontaneous trip to a cocktail bar in town, I mean it was a Saturday night, and it was a very rare occasion, in the fact that we both were actually up for going out!

It was cold, and it wasn’t happy (appy) hour, but after much deliberation and decision passing, we decided we may as well go out for an hour, what was there to lose!?

Wellllll…. that hour turned into 5, as I crawled into bed at about 3.30am! This an unheard of event for both of us, who both like our beds far too much to venture into the night!

I can honestly say though it was just what I needed! We went to a over 21 bar, something I have been waiting a year for to go! (This place has a good track record for messy nights!) and it did not disappoint – the atmosphere is amazing, and the bar staff are just too good! From ice throwing, to playing drums on the lights, it was just the perfect atmosphere.

We drank varying combinations of cocktails – one being essentially pure tequila and a drop of passion fruit syrup, that we washed down quite nicely with a lush shot, which I think consisted of  baileys and butterscotch vodka.


The highlights of the night I think being, my bestie aquiring a flashing light Christmas jumper for the latter part of the night, and my shoe being taken by a random dude (who I am sure was the owner of the flashing jumper!) saying it would be like a Cinderella moment, and he would hunt me down in the morning…. for the shoe to fit!

It wasn’t quite the romantic moment that it sounded, as I spotted it under the table and dived (rather elegantly ….. )under the table to retrieve it!

It was just a pretty fab night, that we are trying to make a monthly occasion, much to my pleasure and my banks displeasure!

However….. here comes the dreaded next day 3pm hangover, it doesn’t matter how fresh I feel upon waking up, 3pm comes along and I feel as rough as anything! This particular occasion, coming with the added dread of trying to write a final year psych essay… which only adds to the pain.
Upon, feeling my own pain, I receive a snapchat from the bestie, showing paracetamol and a selection of her favourite food, I can only imagine trying to ease the same 3pm hangover!

How was your Saturday night? Did you do anything out of the ordinary


Author: Charl

Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

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