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Never have I read article so eye openly true as this one. I really can’t justify this post by my own blogging attempt, so I would strongly recommend you to read this article! All credit goes to the author of such a astontishingly

I will however try and summarise what I consider the most important lessons that only they can teach you:

  • “They’ll be there beside you in your hardest moments, even when you tell them you don’t want them. They’ll come. From now until forever” Nothing is more true than this, from the very bottom of my heart this will always be a promise. From now until forever

  • “Like a portable security blanket you’ll always have someone to go everywhere with and someone to stand next to you as you take on life’s biggest hurdles”. Before I stress how true this is, I need to get the image of myself as a blanket out of my head just too funny! (Maybe this should be the inspiration for her next Christmas present!). In total seriousness we face life’s rollercoaster together, and never ever alone!



Not sure this is quite the reminder that she needs to know I am right there by her side!

  • “Your girls are the ones who would bring swords to a bitch fight, the ones who would bring hell andhigh water to the table in your defense”. Just a sword!? I’d bring the whole kit! I would get myself into a whole lot of trouble if  I didn’t restrain myself from unleashing my capabilities, if someone hurts her! Many a time people have had a lucky escape, and not experienced my full wrath.

  • “They know what you’re capable of. So even if you can’t see it yourself, they can. And they’ll push you to be that person.”  Sometimes your bestfriend knows you better than yourself, in my case they are just a better version of me. They know when to turn the mirror around, to show them just how very special they are!

  • “But your best friends will teach you it’s okay to collapse into their arms and give way to your tears.” I pride myself on being strong for others, and often stifle back the tears, but my best friend has had the unfortunate privilege to see my ugly crying face, where  I feel totally comfortable to show my weakness to her- and to realise that it isn’t in fact a weakness.

  • “They push you to the verge of peeing and then hilariously send you over the edge.” I cannot even begin to document the times we have been in utter utter hysterics. The best times in life is when we laugh together… usually at each other!
  • mad


  • “Those who have held your hand as you said your final goodbyes to a loved one, laughed hysterically with you while pining through old photo albums, wiped away your tears when you lost your job and rubbed your back for months while you moped about that awful breakup, they’re the ones you’ll want standing up beside you when it counts.” The ones who have lived life with you are the only ones that you want by your side when it matters, and the beauty of it is, is that even when you don’t want them there ( even though you secretly do) they are there for you, even if at that moment in time they don’t let you in.

  • “Your girls will teach you that there’s nothing a little spending can’t fix”  This is something I am so so so guilty of. But a shopping spree, atleast temporarily eases whatever pain is experienced. Until the pain of crashing through the overdraft in your bank hurts more than the issue in the first place!!

retail therapy


  • “You give them the keys to what hurts you and what’s most important to you and you trust them blindly, knowing they won’t hurt you with it.” I know what betrayl feels like, and it dented my trust, it dented my trust to the point I don’t willingly trust anyone. However, I am lucky enough to know what it feels like to trust someone with your life. I trust my bestie with everything and anything, and that alone is a really comforting part of my life

  • “They love you just the way you are – and have always loved you the way you’ve been.” I would never, ever change her for who she is, ever! She is, as I have said before, a better version of myself, and I am so unbelievably lucky to have her in my life.





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Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

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  1. Right back at ya, though totally saw the dig 😉 x

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