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Procrastination Fascination


Procrastination – The action of delaying or postponing something


If there is something that I have learnt about myself over the past 6 years, is that if there was an Olympic sport in procrastination… I would undoubtedly win… every time!

Why is it that this delaying the inevitable is so appealing and so easy to do!? I am approaching my final year undergraduate degree in psychology, and fastly approaching dissertation dooooooooom! So no, no I’m not completely unaware of how much I need to do, but my time to do things seem to have been stolen!?



Oh! So that’s where my time is disappearing to! But but… tomorrow just seems so much more appealing! I mean I don’t technically have to get it done by September right!?

Who am I kidding, I am going to be in the biggest mess ever in September if I don’t get this done!




Or…. Reasons to Procrastinate

  • I’ll do it after work tomorrow – The trouble is I never want to do it after work, whether it be tomorrow or any other day of the week!

  • I’ve thought about it… that counts right!? –  I have thought about/compiled a list of what I need to. That’s enough for today, I’ll do the rest tomorrow

  • It’ll be better if I do it when I actually want to – Great sentiment, but the fact is I NEVER want to do it

  • I’ve got 9 months of working on this dissertation, I deserve a break – Apart from I’ve been using that excuse since June!

  • It’s not actually a big task in the scheme of things – Apart from it will be if I get back uni and still haven’t done itProcrast

  • I work better under pressure- Yes, because I have no choice when it is due in the day after… *note to self* there is proof that this isn’t a good idea because when you get a migraine and still have to complete a deadline… this is the result.


  • I’ll have a better understanding of it if I give myself more thinking time – Truth is I can’t remember it as well as last week, let alone in September

  • I work 9-5, the evenings are my time – Well I’ll be working 7-Midnight in September if I don’t make the most of this time I have now!


  • I need to think of a good WordPress post, I haven’t posted in agees! – Well if that’s an excuse then I am most definitely procrastinating from procrastinating, because I’m not doing well on the work front or the blogging one! But thinking about blogging is just so much more fun!Procrastinate

  • I’ll start on the hour – Oops it’s two minutes past .. I’ll have to wait until the next hour now

This is forever my mental battle I have with myself, I am so unmotivated it is unreal! Despite perfecting the art of procrastination my life isn’t very productive at the moment… apart from working and spending lots and lots and lots of money I don’t have on my one day off a week….

See Charlotte this is why you need to do your work… without a degree, you have no job, you have no money, and you can’t procrastinate by playing game of life and kidding yourself that you are investing in your future!

So there we have, another 45 minutes worth of golden procrastination completed! And still no work done!


What are your procrastination problems? Do you struggle finding motivation? What are your tips to getting yourself back on track ?

Charl x


Author: Charl

Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

12 thoughts on “Procrastination Fascination

  1. procrastinating is all brilliant etc until you realise that you have an upcoming exam. by upcoming I mean tomorrow morning.
    I love procrastinating<3

  2. “It’ll be better if I do it when I actually want to – Great sentiment, but the fact is I NEVER want to do it” haha that’s me!

    Also, I get migraines all the time and I never thought of your cool idea to just wear sunglasses indoors while working on the computer. Does it look a little ridiculous? Perhaps. Is it the perfect solution? Um, yes. Thank you!! Haha 🙂

    • Hence why my housemate decided to document the occasion… I had my screen brightness right down too! I think I was labelled as ridiculous charasaur (apparently I looked liked a dinosaur too!)

      • Well, you know that’s a great housemate right there! haha
        And charasaur is not such a bad nickname 😀 It’s cute!

      • Oh you can always bank on them laughing at my hour of need 😉 served me right to leaving it so late!

      • Well, at least you’re using the opportunity to spread the word on a great unknown cure for working with a migraine 😉

      • Not sure it is fool proof, but y’know it was the best option I had apart from missing the deadline… which lets be honest, isn’t a very good option hahaa

  3. If I didn’t procrastinate, I wouldn’t be blogging because I’d be working. Which may a good or a bad thing, not sure… I’m your serious competitor in procrastination!

  4. I dunno but for some reason, I also get to work when I’m under pressure. Haha. That’s when I was still a student. Now that I’m working as a teacher I try to do my tasks ahead of time but I still work slow.

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