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What does your name say about you ?

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So what does your name say about you? Does it say anything about you? Does your name define you?

Apart from my name not actually looking like I word anymore… does my name describe me?

There are lots of sites that offer explanations of what your name supposedly says about you, now it must be the psychologist in me but I can’t believe that a name defines you. Every child named is an individual, so how does your name possibly say anything about each individual that happens to have the same name? Saying that I thought I would see what my name supposedly said about me.

  •  Makes you extremely generous – I hope that I come across as the generous type, I have always gained more pleasure out of giving than receiving and I would genuinely do anything for the people I care most about. I’m not materialistic in anyway shape or form , the  people in my life mean more to me than anything!
  • You have a bubbling, spontaneous nature and a happy-go-lucky outlook which helps smooth the pathway of life – Considering I am quite pessimistic about this name game, I do like this one. Again, I think I’m bubbly and quite a free spirit – I have had quite a roller coaster ride in the past year and a half, and I’ve tried to remain really strong, my positivist and realism approaches to things have undoubtedly gotten me through some really tough times (with a lot of help from my friends too!). I have definitely got more spontaneous as I have gotten older, I used to be quite stuck in my ways, but my eyes have been opened to that big wide world out there, and I want to live it!
  •  You are sympathetic to the needs of others – I would like to think my degree choice is a good indicator of this, as a psychologist I like to think of myself as a people person and that I am an approachable when someone needs me. I am a very loyal person and will put others before myself every time!
  • Interested in art, music, singing, dancing, and anything of an artistic nature, you could become a very fine performer. Okay this is getting a bit freaky! I said I didn’t  believe in this name game malarkie but every point so far is true, and this one just defines me to a tee! I have a London College of Music diploma in singing and play the clarinet and saxophone. Musical Theatre is my total love of life, my favourite thing ever!
  • Your spontaneous expression stands you in good stead during arguments or debates, though you are perhaps too outspoken and inclined to sarcasm. Hahaha okay okay, I can stand up for myself and have a little bit of a gob (okay maybe a lot of a gob) and can definitely hold my own in a debate. When I was younger I was VERY bossy, I’ve learnt boundaries now but still maybe I can be a little bit overly spoken at times and can be very stubborn, and love a bit of sarcasm – but who doesn’t!? Banter is the way forward – the amount of insults that are thrown between me and my bestie is amazing! “You’re ridiculous” being a popular choice!
  • A very real weakness of this name is lack of system and order. This one definitely isn’t true, many that know me would probably say I verged on OCD. I love lists, order and organisation – I choose to organise for fun (GET A LIFE).
  • The use of this name makes it extremely difficult to carry through and finish the things you start. Ummm… it depends what it is, I don’t do boredom, so will often not finish something if it bores me. Having said that, If it has to get done it does, even if there is a lot of procrastination in the process! However, If it is something that I can really sink my teeth into then there is not stopping me!
  • It is easy to make promises in an effort to make others happy, although not so easy to keep them. Again, not true, as mentioned earlier I am a very loyal person, and if I make a promise, I do everything in my power to make sure that it is kept. Promises are for people you care about, and no one hurts the people I care about, least of all me!!
  • You spend your money recklessly, seldom reckoning whether you can afford to be so generous. Again, I am a pretty savvy saver so don’t toss my money away willy nilly, however, I am a firm believer in working for a bit of luxury, what is the point in life if you can’t have a bit of fun!? If it warrants a good result, then I don’t mind spending!
  • The use of this name can cause weak ankles, a strong desire for such foods as sweets or pickles, which causes skin or liver troubles, and a desire to eat too quickly. Who comes up with this shit!? This is such a bizarre observation! Umm, where do I begin… I don’t have particularly weak ankles …. my knees are the issue! I do have a very sweet tooth, and definitely have very little self control when it comes to food… not sure pickles come into that though! As far as I’m aware I have no liver problems, and apart from the occasional break out, I have okay skin … And finally, my mum always used to say I ate too fast, many a time finishing a meal before my dad – it must be a Charlotte thing 😉

I’m still not sure I believe in all this name defining stuff… but it is pretty freaky how accurate some of the points are! The psychologist in me is definitely saying its an impossibility but hey it’s a bit of fun!


Author: Charl

Hi! I'm Charlotte, I'm 21 years old . Psychology graduate, trainee primary teacher and wannabe blogger. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

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